SupportCategory: QuestionsCategory view error + easier way to exclude products?
Enoch Lavender asked 2 months ago

On the category view page, the ‘order sample’ button doesn’t work – but it works on the product details page. Can you help with this?

Also, my client has hundreds of products on his site – and the tiny ‘product exclude’ scroll list to manually select products is really impractical to work with. Can you make a better list of products where it is easier to select which ones to exclude? The really bad thing about pressing ‘ctrl’ to select / deselect from a list of hundreds of products – is that you can potentially make a mistake and suddenly have none of the products marked!

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hossain88 Staff answered 2 months ago

Thanks for your suggestion. We will release the next version with easy navigation excluding products.

hossain88 Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi there,
I implemented excludes products in an easier way. You will get this feature in version 1.0.7

Enoch Lavender answered 2 months ago

Thank you for making it easier with this update!
However, the category problem remains – see for example:  (scroll down to ‘florence mikado black’ to see the ‘order sample’ button that does not work on the category page). Can you help with this?

Enoch Lavender answered 2 months ago

I have just tested a bit more and found the following:

  • in category view, ordinary products can be ordered by clicking the free sample button. However, clicking this way does not abide by the max limit we have set on how many product samples can be ordered per product. 
  • in category view, products that are ‘pre order’ using the YITH woocommerce plugin will show the button, but it will not work
  • in product view, ordinary products and pre order products both have the free sample button. Clicking on the order free sample button will abide by the max limit – so all is well here.
hossain88 Staff answered 2 months ago

Please share your website credentials privately to figure out those issues.