SupportCategory: Free Product Sample for WooCommerceConditional Pricing function
Miles Kitchen asked 4 weeks ago

I’ve purchased the Pro version of the plugin many months ago specifically for the future function of conditional pricing.
I’ve asked this several times before, WHEN WILL CONDITIONAL PRICING BE AVAILABLE?
I’ve received many replies in the forums before saying it would be ready in 2 weeks, but every time you say that, the function is not added and you say its coming in the future. I understand these things are not easy to implement or you may be very busy, but I would like an honest answer as to when this function is going to be seen in the plugin? I first contacted you in May regarding this feature and you seemed very happy to implement after I sent over the specifications. 
If you don’t intend on adding the conditional pricing, please let me know, but the constant delay over many months is becoming quite frustrating.
Since replies are very delayed in the WordPress plugins forum, I thought I’d try and ask you here.
Please understand that if you cannot reasonably stick to a deadline or give false promises for features, it does not give much confidence in the support of the product if something goes wrong.
I hope you can understand my position and I don’t mean to be rude, I just think 3 months is a long time for a promised feature and if you didn’t want to take on the extra function, you could have just said you were not going to implement it it. 
Many thanks.