SupportCategory: Free Product Sample for WooCommerceFree Product Sample for WooCommerce Pro – issue with transport costs
Nikolai asked 3 weeks ago

Hello there,

I bought your plugin and I really like it!
It offers all the functions that my internet shop needs. 
But there is one problem in the code, which I hope you can quickly solve. 
I updated both plugins and when I add two products to the cart, say one for example a free sample, and the other a regular paid product, the program changes the shipping cost to free shipping according to the sample. 
Now I had to go back to the old version of this plugin so that customers can place orders.
I ask you to let me know at what time you will have the opportunity to check this error and provide me with a solution. 
You may need me to update the plugin again to troubleshoot. Please let me know and I will do it instantly. 
You can see our online shop at this link.
Thanks in advance!

hossain88 Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Sent a private link to download updated plugins. Please logged in first.

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