SupportCategory: Free Product Sample for WooCommerceShipping issues of standard products when running the plugin
Mykola Nersesian asked 1 month ago

I faced one very serious problem after installing this pro-plugin. When I add the free sample function to the product, I put in the shipping costs for the sample a separate shipping class, which cost is lower than the product. But after some time the plugin changes the class of shipping costs in the product itself to the one specified in the class for the sample. Thus, the customer pays a different shipping cost when ordering a product. How can I fix this problem?

hossain88 Staff replied 1 month ago

Hi Mykola,
I am sorry to hear that. Did you update the plugin? Please update the pro plugin. I have fixed the issue.

Mykola Nersesian replied 4 weeks ago

Unfortunately, it’s not working. After updating the pro plugin settings have been changed to free delivery of both products and samples. This is not supposed to happen. I went back to the old version again (Free Product Sample for WooCommerce Pro / Version 1.0.4 and Free Product Sample for WooCommerce / Version 2.1.1), as the update only made things worse.
I also found another bug. When you click on the “order sample” button repeatedly, the number of samples is added to the shopping cart according to each click on the button. I have set the settings to order only one sample.

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