SupportCategory: QuestionsShipping issues when other items in cart & button look issue.
Lauren Laderman asked 2 months ago

I am trying to set up a sample option for our site. The sample option will be available for 400 products. I am unable to edit every product individually to add sample shipping class. Also when I have done that the shipping class then overrides any other shipping price. For example – I have a sample in my cart the shipping is $1.10 (as it is meant to be), now if i only have a regular item in my cart it’s $10 (as its meant to be) but if i were to have both in my cart the shipping is $1.10 when it should be following the more expensive product at $10 for shipping. 
Also having issues as our products are sold by the metre so I’ve had to set sample as $2 despite wanting it to be $1 so that people have to add 0.5m to the cart to get sample. Would have loved this to be separate to the metreage so button could just be clicked to add $1 sample not needed to enter 0.5m to have $1 sample.